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Curious about us?

Long time ago, in a land far far away, when boredom was having the best of two friends traveling together, they decided to quiz each other. Thus was born a ritual of knowledge seeking and sharing, which they made into this platform, Quizitive.

Quizitive now hosts the biggest pub quizzes in The Netherlands, featuring more than 100 people joining regularly. While our quizzes revolve around General Knowledge, we aim to keep the information fun and useful for all backgrounds of people.

Meet the Quizmasters

All our quizzes are created and hosted by Harsh and Lucas. They studied together in Vrije University Amsterdam, and have a common interest in exploring interesting information about the world.

"We are curious, and enjoy meeting new people.

Pub quizzes are our fairy tale escape from real life."

Our vibe

“The highlight of my move to Amsterdam was this pubquiz, a regular good time to look forward to, every two weeks. The venue is great, I constantly team hop, meaning I get to meet new knowledgeable people. My favorite part has to be the hosts. Welcoming dudes that are just there to have a good time and it’s contagious!"

Faisal Mubaidien

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